La Torre del Mirador

Our Salons

Our Salons

Unique Places with History

The Terrace

On our spacious main terrace, you can enjoy excellent frontline views of the sea and the island of La Gomera

The Pergola

Set in an Andalusian courtyard, our terrace invites us to enjoy a different and fresh atmosphere.

The Bridge

Connected to our main terrace and the la 100 lounge, the bridge stands out for its views of Playa del Duque and our Music Hall area.

Titanic Corner

Adjacent to The Bridge, in this glass-enclosed terrace, you can enjoy views of the sea and Playa del Duque in a romantic ambiance.

The 100

With modern Art Deco decoration, this lounge will make us enjoy meals and dinners full of style.

Green Balcony

Our charming green balcony offers spectacular views of the sea and Playa del Duque, where we will enjoy pleasant meals and evenings.

Table 50

This private lounge with a round table for several diners is surrounded by photos and dedications from great people who have visited our restaurant.

Fountain Terrace

By the beach, you will find our terrace, which takes its name from its beautiful central fountain decoration. This terrace has direct access to the beach and the Music Hall area.

Music Hall

Enjoy live music and other performances while indulging your palate with the best music and entertainment on our spacious terrace.

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